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Baritone Saxophone

The Baritone Saxophone is one of the lesser-played Saxophones, and is a rarer find in bands and orchestras, compared to its more well-known cousins, the Tenor and Alto Sax. The Baritone is one of the lowest pitched Saxophones in the woodwind family, and creates a beautiful smooth sound, with a wonderful deep tone - and it is this that sets the Baritone Saxophone apart. Whilst it is one of the biggest instruments in the Sax family - it's still found across the musical industry - with many musicians choosing to play it for its deep notes and rich timbre. It's often played in concert bands, jazz bands, big bands and chamber music.

Lacquer (8)
Professional (5)
Intermediate (4)
Student (2)
£2500 - £5000 (4)
£5000 - £10000 (3)
£1500 - £2500 (1)
Selmer (2)
Yamaha (2)
Yanagisawa (1)
Jupiter (1)
Elkhart (1)
Windcraft (1)
Baritone Saxophone (1)

The Alto Saxophone is also referred to as an Alto Sax, and is one of the members of the woodwind family of instruments. The Alto Sax is pitched in E♭, compared to the Tenor and Soprano Saxes in B♭. It is smaller than the Tenor Sax, but bigger than the Soprano. There have been many well known Alto Sax players in the music industry, including; Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Johnny Hodges, Paul Desmond and Art Pepper.

Our Alto Saxophones for sale in the UK can be browsed using our website, where you'll be able to see full details of both the new and used models. On each Saxophone listing our experts will aim to give you as many details as possible on the make and model, and the advantages - so be sure to read the full details to get a wider history of the Alto Saxophone you're looking at. Our Saxes range in price, from cheaper models around the £500 mark (at Dawkes we stock some of the best budget Alto Saxophones), to more expensive pieces around the £5000+ range. If you're unsure which one is going to be the best match for you, you can get in touch with our team at Dawkes, who will be happy to assist you with any questions you have. We also sell a wide range of Saxophone accessories on our website, so you can ensure you have all the right equipment when your instrument arrives.