Selmer Balanced Action c.1938 - Alto Sax (27388)

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This is a c.1938 Balanced Action Selmer which we believe is in original lacquer. It has the classic light and swift feel of the Balanced Action series and a beautiful singing tone.

The Balanced Action represented a great step forward at the time in engineering terms. The new layout with the bell keys both on what we now call the 'correct' side of the bell, allowed for the low left hand pinky keys to be much lighter in feel and response. In fact the whole mechanism just sits beautifully in the hands and makes dealing with fast passages a proverbial walk in the park. The sound is flexible and light with a very sweet quality and it sounds great in a small jazz or classic big band ensemble.

This particular Sax has some light signs of lacquer wear in the usual places: near the sling hook, near the thumb hook and on the left side of the bell. Other than that the lacquer is in great overall order bearing in mind the age.

The keywork sits snugly in place and we have fully re-padded the Sax in preparation for sale. It's been fully stripped and serviced accordingly including all new pads, corks and all springs checked and/or replaced where necessary. As such it plays very easily and feels beautifully balanced from top to bottom.

There is one point of interest with this Sax that has made us price it a good way below the current market value (£3,500): The previous owner had been using a microphone in the neck of the Sax. These can be added through a very small hole in the neck which the pickup goes into. In preparation for sale we have filled this tiny opening with a custom fitted brass disc which is sealed and secured in place. You can see the area in question on one of the images listed.

We'd like to be clear that this in no way affects the sound, response or anything to do with how the Sax plays. The Sax is totally air tight and this is the standard course of action when dealing with in-crook mic apertures. However, of course it is something that needs to be taken into account when valuing and pricing the instrument because it's a modification of its original state, albeit now reversed.

In summary, this is a very nice example of these classic Saxophones. There is something about the Balanced Action that just sings, it's a beautiful instrument for jazz because it can relax and play really cool, but it has brightness and punch when pushed. 
  • 1938 Balanced Action Model - Original lacquer
  • Fully Serviced & Re-Padded in prep for sale
  • Minor modification reversed on neck (see notes above)
  • 6 Month Warranty & 14 Day Home Trial Available
  • Supplied in hard case (solid but one missing latch)
  • Priced way under current market value as per notes

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