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Yamaha Flutes

We keep a broad selection of Yamaha Flutes for sale. This includes their beginner model YFL-212, the upgrade range and all the way up to full solid silver professional flutes. Each Yamaha flute is expertly produced in their state-of-the-art production facilities and offer players at all levels the ultimate in tone and playability.

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Yamaha YFL-212 - Flute

Yamaha YFL-212 - Flute

Yamaha YFL-312 (New Model) - Flute

Yamaha YFL-312 (New Model) - Flute

Yamaha YFL-312GL - Flute

Yamaha YFL-312GL - Flute

Yamaha YFL-272 (new model)

Yamaha YFL-272 (new model)

Yamaha YFL-412 - Flute

Yamaha YFL-412 - Flute

Yamaha YFL-472UK (New Model) - Open Hole Flute

Yamaha YFL-472UK (New Model) - Open Hole Flute

Yamaha YPC-62 - Piccolo

Yamaha YPC-62 - Piccolo

Yamaha YFL-517 - Flute

Yamaha YFL-517 - Flute

Yamaha YPC-81- Piccolo

Yamaha YPC-81- Piccolo

No Review
Yamaha YPC-82 - Piccolo

Yamaha YPC-82 - Piccolo

No Review

Design & Research

The Flute is the top-selling woodwind instrument in Japan. As such, Yamaha have a special relationship with the instrument and have done for many decades. The Flute itself is a difficult instrument to get right. It’s naturally inefficient due to all the holes in the design, and as such it’s very important to start with an instrument that is of the highest quality to help produce and easy sound.

Yamaha flute designs are revered around the world for their ease of play, immediacy of sound and beautiful tone. Every miniscule detail from the angle of the keys, how the plates are soldered onto the body and even how the silver plating is applied is all researched and tested at great length. They are constantly developing the range by testing and developing alongside leading professionals around the world.

Years of Experience

Yamaha have been producing wind instruments since 1897. Their first Flute was produced in 1970 as a student model and then the professional range followed in 1973 with the introduction of the YFL-61 and YFL-63. Now, many decades later, Yamaha produce a full range of Flutes, piccolos and harmony flutes. These range from top quality student models all the way up to handmade solid silver and wooden open-hole models.

True to the development and quality principals of Yamaha, each Flute is subject to the highest quality control inspections throughout production. This results in very consistent instruments that are manufactured to the highest tolerances by experienced technicians.

Model Differences

The numbering system of Yamaha Flutes is strategic and easy to understand. The student models begin with a lower number in the code, such as YFL-212 (200 series). The 300 and 400 series are the next models up, offering some solid silver content. You then reach the 500/600/700 series which are professional instruments with elements of hand production. After which the very top of the range 800/900 models are fully handmade and feature different materials such as wood and gold.

Throughout the range, different materials and designs are utilised to make the models suitable for the prospective players. For example, the 200 series student models are designed to be light to hold and give an immediate tonal response. This is achieved by the embouchure cut and head joint design. As you go further up the range, the head joint designs change to offer a little more resistance as the more developed player will benefit in tonal power and colour from this.

Choosing Yamaha

Whatever your level of experience, there is a Yamaha flute available that canhelp enhance your playing. A Yamaha woodwind instrument can be expected to last many years, it is an investment in your own musical journey and will reward you accordingly. The Yamaha flute range is expertly made, beautiful to play and a joy to own.

PREMIUM Set-Up: Information

Our PREMIUM Set-Up instruments have been chosen by our Workshop Technicians to receive an enhanced and customised pre-sale preparation.

This can include use of specialised materials and processes to enhance the feel, response and playability of the instrument.

A full list of the specific set-up materials and processes is offered on these selected instrument pages.