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  • Yamaha (40)
  • Wood Stone (1)
  • Lacquer (19)
  • Silver Plated (7)
  • Black Lacquer (4)
  • Gold Plated (2)
  • Unlacquered (2)
  • Professional (26)
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Yamaha Saxophones

Yamaha Saxophones are highly regarded the world over due to their exceptional build quality and beautiful tone. From student level to professional models, the Yamaha range is built on strong foundations of research, development, technology and collaboration with leading musicians.

Yamaha (40)
Wood Stone (1)
Professional (26)
Intermediate (9)
Student (4)
£2500 - £5000 (21)
£1500 - £2500 (7)
£5000 - £10000 (6)
£500 - £1000 (2)
£100 - £200 (2)
£1000 - £1500 (2)
Lacquer (19)
Silver Plated (7)
Black Lacquer (4)
Gold Plated (2)
Unlacquered (2)
Yamaha YAS-280 - Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS-280 - Alto Saxophone

Now £891.00
Yamaha YAS-480 - Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-480 - Alto Sax

Now £1,722.00
Yamaha YAS-62 - Alto Saxophone

Yamaha YAS-62 - Alto Saxophone

Now £2,255.00
Yamaha YTS-280 - Tenor Sax

Yamaha YTS-280 - Tenor Sax

Now £1,458.00
Yamaha YAS-82Z - Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-82Z - Alto Sax

Now £3,733.00
Yamaha YSS-82Z - Soprano Sax

Yamaha YSS-82Z - Soprano Sax

Now £3,783.00
Yamaha YAS-875EX Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-875EX Alto Sax

Now £4,141.00
Yamaha YDS-150 - Digital Saxophone

Yamaha YDS-150 - Digital Saxophone

Now £680.00
Yamaha YAS-62S - Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-62S - Alto Sax

Now £2,495.00
Yamaha YTS-62 - Tenor Sax

Yamaha YTS-62 - Tenor Sax

Now £2,861.00
Yamaha YAS-82Z - Black Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-82Z - Black Alto Sax

Now £3,946.00
Yamaha YAS-280S - Alto Sax

Yamaha YAS-280S - Alto Sax

Now £1,177.00

Research & Development

Over a period of decades Yamaha has built up the words leading manufacturing and design base. Utilising the latest state-of-the-art machinery coupled with hands-on knowledge of the finest Saxophone production methods, Yamaha Saxophones benefit from unrivalled experience and technology. This results in a Saxophone that is impeccably well made, super durable and enjoyable to play and own.

Yamaha are the only wind instrument maker that maintains a complete full-time design team for each individual wind instrument. This is because each instrument requires its own speciality knowledge and research.

Tradition & Technology

Yamaha have beenproducing wind instruments since 1897 and have been committed to excellence in everything they make. Over the years they have pioneered various new manufacturing techniques and design features. Their Saxophones benefit from these technological advances by having impeccable tuning throughout the range and unrivalled ergonomics and playability.

Each professional Yamaha Saxophone is primarily hand-made by very experienced craftsmen. It takes many hours to hand hammer the bell for example, each time is different to ensure the optimal resonance for that piece of brass. All Yamaha Saxophones have a ‘soul’ of their own due to the diligence and care in the production methods. Even the student models have many elements of hand involvement.

Artists & Players

From the beginner level to the pro models, each Yamaha Saxophone offers a durability and playability that we believe is unrivalled in the market. The student level models are light to hold, but have a full, rich tone. The tuning is perfect, and the Saxophones speak very easily making learning to play a real joy.

In the upgrade-pro range the instruments benefit from more hand finishing, more expensive materials and processes. All of which add up to give even more power, projection and tonal core to the sound. Yamaha have achieved this enviable level of production by close collaboration with top Saxophonists around the world. Their global network of Atelier centres is staffed by specialists in Woodwind & Brass and they regularly have research & design sessions with leading players in their area. In the past, these collaborations have led to the development of the Z series Saxophones (with the great Phil Woods) and the Custom Series Saxophones with input from players across a wide range of genres and disciplines.

Why Choose Yamaha?

Quite simply, their quality of production and therefore tone and playability are unrivalled across the whole range from student to pro models. From the core brass that is extremely consistent resulting in a balanced tone across the whole instrument, to the hand-made elements of the pro models which offer huge resonance and vibrance. Each Yamaha Sax is alive with sound and playability and they are a joy to own and use thanks to the impeccable manufacturing processes.