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Yamaha Tubas

We offer a range of Yamaha Tuba models to purchase online or in-store. Yamaha produce a vast array of models from single Eb starter models, down to professional BBb’s and even speciality F and C Tubas. Check out some of the range below, all of which are available via Dawkes Music.

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Quality Manufacturing

Buying a Tuba can feel like a huge investment. Not just physically but monetarily, these instruments are not cheap, but with careful maintenance they can literally last a lifetime. If you’re looking to purchase a Tuba, it’s very important that you consider the long-term investment in quality. Yamaha Tuba’s are extremely well made thanks to their advanced manufacturing processes and designs. This ensures your Tuba will be easy and enjoyable to play as well as being easy to own and maintain.

Development & Design

Yamaha have been producing wind instruments for more than 120 years. Their focus in the brass world began in the late 1960’s and the first Tuba they produced was created in 1969. Since then, they have gone on to develop a world-renowned stable of wind & brass instruments for players at all levels.

Key to the Yamaha success story has been ongoing investment in their research and design team. They are the only manufacturer to invest in R&D staff for each instrument range they produce. This means they have a specific Tuba development team who work alongside professional players to develop the instruments to meet their demands. This work then filters through to the student and mid-range instruments which borrow design features from the professional range.

Model Differences

There are a wide range of Yamaha Tubas available to buy. Many of these are popular in different markets around the world due to the configuration and history of their local musical ensembles. Here in the UK, the most common Tuba spec is either the EEb or BBb. The EEb instruments are used in brass ensembles, concert bands and some orchestral situations. The BBb instruments tend to be used primarily in brass bands and some European/US ensembles.

These EEb and BBb instruments are big and heavy. As such, any new beginner on the Tuba would usually need something lighter and more manageable to begin with. This is where a single Eb Tuba such as the Yamaha YEB-201 3-valve model would be ideal. It would be wrong to label this a student instrument because the build quality is far beyond that, but it may have long-term limits due to the fact it is only a 3-valve instrument.

When a player progresses from the student level, they will generally be looking for a full EEb or BBb instrument, this may depend on their musical activities as mentioned above. Yamaha produce a range of professional Tubas called Neo which are specifically aimed at brass band players. The YBB-632 being the main option for these BBb users. There is also a Custom range of BBb, F and C Tubas which are well known for their impeccable intonation and tonal presence.

Why Choose a Yamaha Tuba?

Buying a Tuba is a huge investment. As such you want to secure that investment with an instrument that will be long-lasting, enjoyable and easy to play, and that makes an incredible tone. Whatever type of Tuba you may be looking for, the Yamaha range has an answer.

PREMIUM Set-Up: Information

Our PREMIUM Set-Up instruments have been chosen by our Workshop Technicians to receive an enhanced and customised pre-sale preparation.

This can include use of specialised materials and processes to enhance the feel, response and playability of the instrument.

A full list of the specific set-up materials and processes is offered on these selected instrument pages.