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  • Professional (19)
  • Intermediate (4)
  • Student (2)
  • Wood (11)
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Yamaha Clarinets

Yamaha Clarinets offer the pinnacle of modern design and traditional tone quality. Produced from the highest quality materials, the Yamaha range of Clarinets offer a solution for players at all levels from student to professional.

Yamaha (27)
Professional (19)
Intermediate (4)
Student (2)
£2500 - £5000 (12)
£1500 - £2500 (6)
£5000 - £10000 (3)
£500 - £1000 (2)
£400 - £500 (1)
£0 - £15 (1)
£1000 - £1500 (1)
£100 - £200 (1)
Wood (11)
Plastic (2)
Sale (4)
Yamaha YCL-255S - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-255S - Bb Clarinet

Now £475.00
Yamaha YCL-450S - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-450S - Bb Clarinet

Now £911.00
Yamaha YCL-650 - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-650 - Bb Clarinet

Now £1,148.00
Yamaha YCL-CSGIII - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-CSGIII - Bb Clarinet

Now £2,719.00
Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIHL Gold Keys/Lever - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-CSGIIIHL Gold Keys/Lever - Bb Clarinet

Now £3,379.00
Yamaha YCL-221IIS Low Eb - Bass Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-221IIS Low Eb - Bass Clarinet

Now £2,467.00
Yamaha YCL-CXII - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-CXII - Bb Clarinet

Now £1,844.00
Yamaha YCL-450M - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-450M - Bb Clarinet

Now £944.00
Yamaha YCL-622II Low C - Bass Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-622II Low C - Bass Clarinet

Now £7,558.00
Yamaha YCL-CSVR - A Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-CSVR - A Clarinet

Was £2,570.00, Now £2,350.00
Yamaha YCL-CSGAIIIH Gold Keys - A Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-CSGAIIIH Gold Keys - A Clarinet

Was £3,385.00, Now £3,145.00
Yamaha Venova

Yamaha Venova

Now £101.80
Yamaha YCL-SEVR - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-SEVR - Bb Clarinet

Was £2,395.00, Now £2,185.00
Yamaha YCL-CXII - A Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-CXII - A Clarinet

Was £2,085.00, Now £1,865.00
Yamaha YCL-SE Artist Model - Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-SE Artist Model - Bb Clarinet

Now £4,954.00

Research & Design

Each YamahaClarinet is the result of many years of research, development and player feedback. Yamaha is the only wind instrument maker that maintains a complete staff of experienced, full-time designers for each individual wind instrument. Their Clarinet specialists are fully versed in all aspects of Clarinet design, production and playing.

Particular attention is given to the bore design, wood handling and tonal beauty of each Yamaha clarinet. Depending on the level of instrument, the goals of the design will vary. Student instruments need to be light and easy to play, professional instruments need to offer unparalleled tonal quality and resonance.

Materials & History

Yamaha have been producing wind instruments since 1897 and have been committed to excellence in everything they make. Over the years they have pioneered various new manufacturing techniques and design features. Their Clarinets benefit from these developments in various ways. The impeccable attention to detail in their production facilities ensure consistency of finish, ensuring each Clarinet is playing excellently across the full range.

All the professional Yamaha Clarinets from the CX model upwards feature elements of hand crafting. The wood in the professional CSG and Artist models is of the highest possible grade and is carefully prepared and seasoned for the manufacturing process. Each Yamaha wooden Clarinet has a ‘character’ of its own due to the natural variances in wood, but the technical aspects are spectacularly consistent down to the finest details. Even the student models have many elements of hand involvement such as key fitting and balancing. They speak easily and are a joy to learn on.

Professional Collaboration

From the beginner level to the pro models, each Yamaha Clarinet offers a full, rich sound. Whether you’re starting out and playing your first notes or a seasoned professional, there is a Yamaha Clarinet that would enhance your playing further.

Yamaha have a range of global Atelier centres where they work alongside leading professionals to enhance their designs. Leading professional Clarinet players around the world choose Yamaha instruments and the developments on these professional instruments filter down to the student & intermediate range. The student models (YCL-255) feature light-weight bell and body designs to make them easier to hold and play. The intermediate wooden clarinets (YCL450-650) from Yamaha feature many of the internal bore modelling of the professional range resulting in excellent tonal quality.

Why Choose a Yamaha Clarinet?

We believe the production quality of Yamaha Clarinets is second-to-none. When you couple this excellence of manufacturing alongside some truly beautiful sounding designs you get a range of Clarinets that is unparalleled in the marketplace. The instruments will be long-lasting, easy to play and reward the musician with a full, rich tone.