New Buffet Clarinets – Launch on Saturday May 28th…

Join us in store on Saturday May 28th (11am – 2pm) for the launch of two new eagerly awaited instruments from the worlds leading clarinet manufacturer Buffet Crampon & the chance to *win a FREE clarinet lesson with Angela Malsbury (Clarinet Tutor, Royal Academy of Music).


Stan Getz: Delving back…

Join Jazz aficionado Peter Gardner as he delves back into the family history of Stan Getz, one of the very greatest Jazz Saxophonists…

When The Observer’s jazz critic Benny Green heard Stan Getz playing at Ronnie Scott’s Club in March 1971 he spoke of Getz as “one of the greatest jazz masters of all time” and he added: “It is doubtful if Getz has ever played better in his life…Getz’s genius has flowered again”.


Grafton Alto Saxophone

The Grafton saxophone was an injection moulded, cream-coloured acrylic plastic alto saxophone with metal keys, manufactured in London, England by the Grafton company, and later by ‘John E. Dallas & Sons Ltd’. Only Grafton altos were ever made, due to the challenges in making larger models (i.e. the tenor) with 1950s plastic technology. Production commenced in 1950 and ended after approximately ten years. However, a few last examples were assembled from residual parts circa 1967. All tools, machinery and jigs required to manufacture the Grafton were sold for scrap and subsequently destroyed in 1968.