Bench Review: UltiMax Pivot & Roller Lubricant

27th January 2021

In this latest ‘Bench Review’ from Abi in our Workshop Team we check out the Ultimax Pivot and Roller Lubricant from MusicMedic…

This fantastic syrupy substance is an amazing, versatile product – perfect for any Woodwind or Brass repairer.

For years I’ve used a thick slide grease for pivot screws, allowing the ‘fuller’ waxy texture to ‘gap fill’ and provide long lasting lubrication of these pivot points. Once I tried this UltiMax lubricant, I haven’t looked back. The syringe applicator is so convenient, I no longer need to use another implement to apply the grease precisely where I want it. Silencing keywork with this product is quick and simple, not to mention the applicator is genuinely enjoyable to use. I have confidence that this grease is going to endure for a very long time, and continue doing it’s job well until the instrument is next serviced. 

Not only excellent for pivot screws, this grease is fantastic for all threads and screws. Saxophone neck screws can dry out and reduce the hold on the tenon – a small amount on the thread allows for that extra turn which can make all the difference. Brass piston cap threads and screws will also benefit from the long lasting staying power of this lubricant, preventing static parts from seizing over time. Flat springs can be finessed by using a tiny spot on the metal on metal ‘rubbing’ point. I appreciate the efficient simplicity of reaching for one trusted product for all of these tasks.

Once you have this product on your bench, you will find many uses for it – and let’s face it, it looks pretty slick too 🙂 You can buy the Ultimax Pivot & Roller Lubricant here.

Abi Taylor – Dawkes Repair Technician