Break-In at Dawkes: Saxophone Thefts

13th July 2017

*UPDATE: We have a full list of our stolen instruments & the saxophones also stolen from Sax.Co back in April/May – SEE BELOW

In the early hours of July 12th we were victims of a break-in at the shop. The gang of thieves forced their way into our Sax Suite and stole 40 saxophones that were on display (full list below). The police arrived on scene and are investigating the matter further. Sadly this is the most recent in a spate of Music Industry related break-ins with the thieves clearly targeting certain locations and stock types. It is unlikely these instruments will appear in the UK marketplace but we have listed a full inventory below of what has been stolen, please be aware or on guard for any 3rd party re-selling or auction sites offering these models. Any info can be passed to us or Thames Valley Police (Ref: 43170204724)

As many of you can imagine this has been an extremely harrowing and stressful 24-48hrs as we bolster security and assess the losses. For a niche family company of over 50 years this is an extremely painful experience. Many of our staff have worked in this building since we moved here in 2000 and we are all sickened by these actions. We’re not part of a big High St chain that may more easily be able to bear these costs and the resulting logistics, and each day/week/month we strive to give our customers the best service and stay viable in an increasingly competitive retail marketplace. Outside forces like this have a real impact on the business as funds are required to take extra steps to protect our building and staff plus re-invest in stock.

As ever we appreciate the support of our wonderful customers and suppliers who will no doubt help us through this experience. We will continue to offer our best service, choice and expertise to all of those that we know fully appreciate it.

The Team at Dawkes

DAWKES MUSIC (Crime Ref #43170204724) Stolen Saxophone List: (all new unless specified)

Aizen Fuga – Tenor Sax (#T000396)

Aizen Hibiki – Alto Sax (#A1000494)

Aizen Hibiki – Tenor Sax (#T1000493)

Cannonball A5-BL – Alto Sax (#178017)

Cannonball A5-BL – Alto Sax S/Hand (#168060)

Cannonball A5-R (Red Ruby) – Alto Sax (#180712)

Cannonball AVR20-L Vintage 20th Anniversary Model – Alto Sax (#V179014)

Cannonball GA5-B – Alto Sax (#163209)

Cannonball GA5-SB – Alto Sax (#179415)

Cannonball GT5-SB – Tenor Sax (#179555)

Cannonball SA5 BS Arc – Soprano Sax (#170907)

Cannonball SC5-L – Curved Soprano Sax (#123831)

Cannonball T5-BR Brute – Tenor Sax (#178408)

Cannonball T5-White – Tenor Sax (#165340)

Cannonball Vintage SVR-L – Soprano Sax (#V161233)

Conn New Wonder – Tenor Sax S/Hand (#442xx)

Keilwerth SX90R Shadow – Alto Sax (#128318)

Keilwerth SX90R Vintage – Tenor Sax (#128398)

Pierret Artist – Tenor Sax S/Hand (#NSN)

Selmer Model 26 – Alto Sax  S/Hand (#12460)

Selmer Reference 54L – Tenor Sax (#789893)

Selmer SA80 II Jubilee – Alto Sax (#781830)

Selmer SA80 II Jubilee – Tenor Sax (#784721)

Selmer Series III Jubilee – Soprano Sax (#789417)

Selmer Series III Jubilee – Tenor Sax (#776672)

Theo Wanne Mantra Platinum Silver – Tenor Sax S/Hand (#10047)

Windcraft WAS-110 – Alto Sax (#504872)

Windcraft WTS-200 – Tenor Sax (#PST080009)

WoodStone New Vintage AF Model – Tenor Sax (#0488)

Yamaha YAS-280 – Alto Sax (#M71831)

Yamaha YAS-480 – Alto Sax (#M40534)

Yamaha YAS-62 – Alto Sax (#E55872)

Yamaha YAS-82ZB Black/Gold – Alto Sax (#E46650)

Yamaha YSS-82ZR – Soprano Sax (#002868)

Yamaha YTS-280 – Tenor Sax (#M65644)

Yamaha YTS-480 – Tenor Sax (#M47927)

Yamaha YTS-875EXII – Tenor Sax (#E54371)

Yanagisawa AWO2 – Alto Sax (#00359445)

Yanagisawa AWO20 – Alto Sax (#00360832)

Yanagisawa TWO2 – Tenor Sax (#00345290)

All instruments were stolen without cases but we know of instances where they may be offered ‘with’ a case if sold through a 3rd party website or auction site etc.

SAX.CO (Crime Ref #47170047020) Stolen Saxophone List: (all new unless specified)