British Flute Society Convention – Day 3

22nd August 2010

After a good nights sleep I managed to make it to Trevor Wyes early 
session on practising efficiently followed by the brilliant Alexandra
Grot, the hong kong flute centre flute orchestra, another piccolo
recital and the fantastic Katherine Bryan who has inspired me to dig
out the Hue fantasie when I get home.

This was followed by the ultra
contemporary Ayre flute octet and a baroque recital with Rachel Brown.
I’m not sure which I prefered but I’m pretty sure I fell asleep in the
later. Anyway I was soon woken up by ‘Jazz’ with Gareth Lockrane.
Gareth played at our wedding in 2008 so It was really good to hear him
Next up was a brilliant flute quintet from Germany called Quintessenz
which was followed by Trevor Wyes infamous Flute spectacular which is
still hilarious even after 35 years. After tea we all rushed to get
the best seats for Emanual Pahuds recital. This was preceeded by the
Russian flautist Alena Lugovkina and another chance to hear the
fabolous Magnum trio. Needless to say Pahuds recital was brilliant and
it was really amusing to see all the women (and most of the men)
swooning over him infact it got so hot in the concert hall that my
ankles swelled up to twice thier normal size. ( pregnancy
hormones!) So after a spot of Irish music with Eimer MgGeown  I went to
cool down in the bar with beat boxing sensation Greg Patillo. Anyway
I’m off to bed now. You never know i might actually get up in time to
do some playing tomorrow.
PS – quote of the day has to be Trevor Wye describing how to practise
scales expresively ‘if you’re going to kiss someone don’t worry about
standing on thier feet’

Julia Bentley Dawkes