Cannonball Sax News – Cannonball Run (Gordon Goodwin) Video

22nd November 2013

The wonderfully creative and dedicated guys and girls at Cannonball are all players of some sort or another. They’ve got a few videos up online featuring their acoustic technicians playing various charts. This month we wanted to highlight a recent video they made playing a specially commissioned piece by Gordon Goodwin called ‘Cannonball Run’.

It’s great to know that these excellent musicians are responsible for the design, testing and customisation of every Cannonball Sax that arrives in with us. This is certainly a unique set-up in the Music Industry and it’s one of the main reasons Cannonball Saxes continue to turn heads and switch Sax players on to the next generation of great instruments.

The Alto solo is taken by Randall Clark who is the chief Alto/Sop acoustic technician at the Cannonball facility in Salt Lake City, UTAH. The Tenor solo is taken by Cannonball artist and consultant Dr Ray Smith. The Sax player in the middle of the section playing Soprano is Tevis Laukat who is the President of Cannonball Musical Instruments and for anyone who attended our Live @ Dawkes Cannonball Gig you will know he can play a bit…just a bit! Rounding out the section are Ryan Lillywhite on Tenor (chief Tenor/Bari acoustic Technician) and Daron Bradford (Cannonball Clarinet & Flute specialist) on Baritone…it’s a pretty PHAT sounding section!

Stay posted for more Cannonball Sax news, reviews, videos, tips, gigs etc…