Clarinet Playing | Articulation Advice

1st June 2020

Achieving a clean and crisp articulation is obviously the goal for all of us. We asked top Clarinet player Elizabeth Drew to give some tips for all advancing players on this topic…

3 Important Points:

  1. The embouchure needs to be established correctly
  2. The air stream needs to be constant and supported
  3. The reed itself needs to have enough elasticity and be of the correct strength

Practical Tips

Let’s consider the fundamentals of articulation. The thinnest part of the reed (the tip) needs to be allowed to vibrate freely. Therefore how we touch and interact with the tip of the reed is paramount.

  1. We must place the tip of the tongue, if not slightly underneath it, on the tip of the reed and check where your positioning is on the mouthpiece.
  2. Play a first finger and thumb E and hold the note with the air stream supported.
  3. Then bring the tip of the tongue to the tip of the reed in one moment: ON / OFF / ON / OFF etc
  4. Next, begin with a longer note then think of single beats (a second or so) and firstly hold the note for 3 counts, sound for a count, no sound for a count etc.
  5. So, release 1, 2, 3, on/off + on/off – IMPORTANT: Keep the air flowing and constant. Use the tongue to interrupt the air flow for the off beats.
  6. Pay attention to the beginning and end of the notes
  7. Consider how far your tongue is moving to start and stop the reed vibration. Keep it as short a distance as possible.
  8. Play again trying on quavers and semi-quavers

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