Double Reed Cases – Do’s and Don’ts!

31st October 2019

Reed cases hold anywhere between three or four reeds up to twelve at a time – or even more! They should keep your oboe or bassoon reeds in good condition for as long as possible, protecting them from damage whilst being stored or travelling. A good reed case will secure your reeds in a way that doesn’t put undue pressure on them whilst ensuring they don’t rattle about.

Our double reed specialist, Louise, has been thinking about what she likes and needs from a reed case. Here she’s going to let us know about some do’s and don’ts when considering your options! The information here is based on her knowledge of oboe reeds, but it’s mostly relevant to single reeds too.

  • DO use a reed case! Make sure your reeds a looked after to prolong their lifespan.
  • DON’T take new reeds home without storing them properly – use a small tube for short term storage, but transfer to a reed case once you’ve used it. If you’re going to keep a reed in a tube, make sure it’s dry before storing.
Reed tube with cap – great for taking your new reeds home or for spares if you run out of space!
  • DO rotate your reeds and have a few on the go at a time. A larger capacity reed case lets you do so without having any loose reeds kicking about.
  • DON’T keep hold of old, dead reeds that take up room!
  • DO pick a case that secures your reeds – cases with spring clips ensure your reeds won’t be rolling about when travelling.
  • DON’T pick a case that just looks pretty, if it doesn’t hold your reeds properly. ‘Function over fashion’, as Louise says!
12 Reed Capacity Reed Case with Spring Clips
  • DO sterilise reeds to help prolong their lifespan. You can use a sterilisation spray, or a larger unit such as the Reedcure which sterilises using UV light and doubles up as a case. Louise recommends the Reedcure for teachers who find themselves sharing their reeds with students.
  • DON’T share reeds unless entirely necessary. And if you do use a spray to sterilise, rinse with water and wait for it to dry before storing.
The ReedCure from Silverstein uses UV light to sterilise reeds as they’re being stored.

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