Eddie Daniels pt.2: Jazz Phrasing…

21st April 2016

We hope you all enjoyed Part.1 (It’s all about the blues), now you’ve got at least a few notes going on in a more blues or jazz feel let’s think about how we can phrase them in a jazzier way…

Many clarinet players come up through the grades with more exposure to the classical genre, nowadays there are ‘jazzier’ pieces in the ABRSM options but commonly these are still taught in quite a ‘straight’ way. It’s rare for us to hear a younger player in the shop who has a real sense of jazz phrasing so although this is a brief video on a big subject, it’s a good place to start. Not only for how Eddie describes it but have a good listen to the parallel demonstrations of swing/jazz phrasing and classical phrasing. THEN, go and check out some amazing Jazz Clarinet players on YouTube, as well as Eddie we would suggest Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman & Buddy DeFranco…to get started with. After that, perhaps try phrasing your scales and studies in a similar way just to get a feel for it.


Author: Sam – Woodwind Specialist (Contact)