Eddie Daniels pt.3: Choosing an Instrument…

27th April 2016

Join virtuoso clarinettist Eddie Daniels as he discusses how to choose an instrument…

Many of us have been there and had this experience, trying new instruments or mouthpieces and sometimes feeling a little lost. In addition to what Eddie recommends we’d suggest the following:

  • Bring some music you already know really well. You want to test the instrument, not your¬†memory or your sight reading!
  • Bring a selection of new reeds if you are trying a mouthpiece to see how they all suit it.
  • Try some long notes, a wide range of dynamics and if in doubt SLOW DOWN – Again, you want to hear the instrument not a thorough deconstruction of your own technique.¬†Repeating a passage you don’t have 100% sorted is no test of the instrument, just a lottery of your own performance.
  • If you have someone who is familiar with your playing and you trust them, bring them along as well.
  • Bring an open mind, willingness to learn and try out things you may not already know about.
  • Have fun! It’s not life or death…

Author: Sam – Woodwind Dept (contact)