From the Workshop: Favourite Tools (Ana)

10th August 2021

In this series of blogs we catch up with some of our Repair Technicians and ask them for 3 of their favourite tools, either traditional models or perhaps something they have modified for their own use! This time it’s Ana…

1. Pad Tucker

The GVL009 Pad Tucker is sturdy and well build but flexible enough if you need to manipulate it to access pads under keys or in tight spaces. I find it very easy to use for fine adjustment of Saxophone pads in particular. Each end has a differently shaped spatula tip giving you extra options to pull, drag or push the pad in it’s cup after heating the shellac/hot glue so it’s malleable.

2. Trombone Inner Slide Leg

Although this is not its intended use I do find it very helpful when removing stuck head corks on flutes. You can use the slide leg (an old one obviously!) to apply pressure to the head cork in an even manner to help release it. There are other options of course and it will depend on the scenario, but it works far better than something too small in diameter.

3. Make-up Brushes!

I find that soft make-up brushes can work nicely to remove dust and dirt from woodwind tone holes, especially on wooden instruments where you have to take extra care not to mark or damage the wood. These are very cheap options and come in various strengths and sizes. They are sometimes supplied in retractable pen-type applicators which also helps keep the tips clean if living on your bench.

We stock a wide range of Woodwind & Brass instrument repair tools. If you have any queries or would like advice about selecting the best tool for a repair job please do contact us for further info.