Five Flute Maintenance Essentials

28th November 2019

Playing your instrument is even more fun and rewarding if the instrument is working at it’s best! Here are a few flute maintenance must-haves to keeping your flute looking good and working perfectly.

  1. The Yamaha Polishing Gauze is best used in partnership with the cleaning rod supplied with your flute! Wrap the gauze over the end and around the rod, and push through all the joints of the flute. You’ll also be able to get up into the corners of the headjoint. Doing this after every time you play removes moisture left by your breath and condensation. This will help prolong the life of pads and keep the inside of your flute clean! The gauze is absorbent, lint free and machine washable.
Yamaha Polishing Gauze

2. Yamaha Powder Papers do wonders for those annoying sticky pads! Hold the paper between the pad and tone hold with the powder side facing the pad. Close and open the key to distribute the powder on to the key and eliminate the stick – but be sure not to pull the paper against the delicate pads! This pad should last you quite a while, particularly with pads as small as those for a flute.

Yamaha Powder Papers

3. Our go to polishing cloth in sales and the workshop is the Denis Wick Silver Cloth. Using this soft microfibre cloth impregnated with silver polish, you’ll get your flute to a sparkle in no time.

Denis Wick Silver Cloth

4. To keep that sparkle going even in it’s case, treat your flute to these Anti-Tarnish Silver Protector Strips. Used as standard for storing jewellery, these non-toxic strips absorb contaminants in the air that usually cause silver and other precious metals to tarnish. Keep a couple in your case to slow down the tarnish process, changing them every six months!

Anti-Tarnish Silver Protector Strips

5. Flute maintenance is also about keeping your flute safe whilst practicing and performing! Rather than having it on your lap or a table (or worse, on the floor!), use the K&M Flute Stand. Keeping the flute in a vertical position not only keeps it ready to play, but you won’t be putting undue pressure on keywork. Furthermore, it’s more likely to be out of the way of any accidents! This flute stand folds away into itself to easily stow away in just about any flute case cover.

 K&M Flute Stand

Jesse – Flute and Single Reed Specialist

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