Flute Masterclass: Elizabeth Walker

24th October 2019

We were delighted to welcome Elizabeth Walker to Dawkes recently to host a FREE evening Flute masterclass. We had a great turnout and diverse audience from advancing teens (and younger) to adults, all of varying abilities from around Grade 4 upwards…

Masterclass: Individual Critiques

Individual Critiques

As part of the evening we had x2 ‘brave’ volunteers who played a piece in front of the assembled audience with Elizabeth listening on. She then worked with the individuals on certain parts of the repertoire and their technical and musical challenges.

Whilst each individual has their own challenges, depending on the piece, there were many salient points that were relevant to players in the room at all levels. How we breathe, how we shape phrases, useful tips on articulation and much more. Many thanks to our two players for volunteering accordingly.

Masterclass: Individual Critiques

Ensemble Exercises

After the two individual playing critiques we moved on to get the whole group involved and playing their instruments. Elizabeth had very kindly pre-prepared some warm-up and technical exercises that we could play as an ensemble.

It’s so interesting to watch a music group take shape as players start to become aware of others around them and the tuning and ensemble ‘voice’ gradually improves and starts to take on a life of it’s own.

Ensemble Exercises

Many thanks to all for attending, to Elizabeth for doing some great prep and helpful comments in the critique session, and to Pearl Flutes for sponsoring the event.

In the afternoon before the evening event we did record some new videos with Elizabeth discussing various Flute related topics. Subscribe to our Flute Newsletter to see these in the coming weeks, and to get notifications about any future Flute events.