Flute Playing Videos: AIR SUPPORT pt.2 with Krzysztof Kaczka (5/10)

16th August 2018

Our fifth video in this Flute Technique series focusses on another exercise to improve your breathing and air support. This is the fifth of a ten part video series we recorded with top international flautist Krzysztof Kaczka. Throughout the videos Krzysztof will talk about various techniques and exercises to help improve your flute playing, whatever your level.

This exercise reminds us that playing a wind instrument requires a certain amount of physical effort. It makes us concentrate on where our breath is coming from and making sure we support it properly from our body. Don’t worry if you make some strange sounds during these exercises. It’s quite normal when you are practicing these sorts of exercises. The point is to attempt these every day. You will then notice an improvement in your ‘normal’ tone when you do come to perform.

Try varying the rhythm and also practice this across a large range of the instrument. Just don’t forget to breathe in-between!!

We’ll be back soon with the sixth video so stay tuned to our Flute Newsletters for the latest release. Many thanks to Pearl Flutes for supporting this video series.