Flute Playing Videos: Tips For Good Posture (7/10)

3rd November 2018

Our seventh video in this Flute Technique series discusses some top tips for good flute playing posture. This is the seventh of a ten part video series we recorded with top international flautist Krzysztof Kaczka. Throughout the videos Krzysztof will talk about various techniques and exercises to help improve your flute playing, whatever your level.

Good Posture

This is an area that many players don’t spend enough time on. How we are physically prepared to blow air through our instruments has a big affect on the tone. Therefore, if you are legs crossed, hunched and tilting there’s no chance you can deliver the air as smoothly. As Krzysztof mentions you need to feel a little like a puppet on a string. Try and remember that your head must not drop. In fact Krzysztof even suggests it’s ok to “look a little bit arrogant”!

Another common pointer Krzysztof mentions is that you need to be the one controlling the flute position. It sounds very obvious but many people (in our experience in the shop) tend to ‘go chasing’ for the flute. i.e. The head moves forward instead of bringing the flute fully to your own lips. Many people don’t even realise they’re doing it. Why not video record yourself, perhaps on your phone, over a week and see what you do. At first you’ll be doing everything correctly as you’ll be conscious of the video but after a few days it’s likely that old habits will kick in!

We’ll be back with the eighth video in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to Krzysztof and Pearl Flutes for supporting this series. If you want to stay tuned for more, make sure you’re signed up to our Newsletter.