Gonzalez Bass & Bb Clarinet Reeds – Daniel Rye

17th April 2019

We catch up with Gonzalez Reeds pro player Daniel Rye and discuss why he chooses to use the Gonzalez RC Bass Clarinet reeds and the FOF Bb Clarinet reeds.

RC Bass Clarinet Reeds – Buy Online

The Gonzalez RC Bass Clarinet reeds suit a broad range of styles due to their ease of play, including Jazz, Classical, Commercial and any type of Band work. Equally popular with advancing students and professional players the Gonzalez reeds have unrivalled consistency and finishing.

Produced totally naturally in the foothills of the Andes, the Gonzalez company own the worlds largest cane plantation. Typically the cane is dried and matured at least a third longer than their competitors who often rush to push cane through the production process. This time spent maturing in the perfect climate in Argentina ensures the cane eventually produces a reed that is both consistent and full of response and flexibility.

  • Produced in the foothills of the Andes in the perfect climate for cane production.
  • Unrivalled consistency due to natural and extended cane drying process.
  • Regular cut style makes the reeds responsive and clear sounding.
  • Supplied in boxes of 5 – Available from strength 1.5 upwards.
  • Strength is similar to Vandoren Blue Box (if a little softer, i.e go up 1/4 or 1/2 in Gonzalez)

FOF Bb Clarinet Reeds – Buy Online

The Gonzalez FOF have proved popular with professional and advanced players. With an American cut they have a thickish tip and actually a thick heart as well. Because of this design they give a strong, rich, dark sound but do come up feeling harder than you may be used to.

Advice is to come down 1/2 a strength on what you expect. The American cut is more suited to mouthpieces with a straight flat finish on the lay. For example the Vandoren M30, BD5, Rico Reserve X5 etc. For those experimenting the Vandoren equivalent to FOF = Rue L’Epic/V21

  • American cut suits mouthpieces with American facing curve.
  • Thicker tip and thick heart.
  • Rich, dark sound.
  • Half a strength harder than Vandoren Rue Lepic and Blue Box.
  • Supplied in pack of 10.