Jody Jazz DV Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece

16th January 2019

Jody Jazz offer a great selection of mouthpieces to suit a number of needs. Known for their punchy projection, the mouthpieces include a variety of hard rubber and metal mouthpieces. But today, we’re going to take a closer look at one of their more intriguing pieces – the Jody Jazz DV. We asked one of our sax specialists to put it through its paces!

Punchy projection, effortless and warm…

“Playing the DV mouthpiece, I find it very free blowing with just enough resistance to maintain a full sound, particularly in the upper and altissimo registers.” This is true of many of the Jody Jazz mouthpieces, and the DV is no exception. Jody Jazz president and founder, Jody Espina, developed his range of mouthpieces to ensure a free blowing experience with control and flexibility.

With a fairly open, rounded chamber, the DV mouthpiece also boasts great richness in the lower register. “It’s very smooth and easy to control. In the low extremity, there is depth and power, without being out of balance with the rest of the instrument.” This is all helped by the materials used to construct this mouthpiece – hand finished with 24 karat gold plated brass, the mouthpiece achieves a great warmth through the full range of the saxophone. “The middle register is simply delicious! The response is effortless and the tone warm and toasty, like snuggling under your duvet on a lazy Sunday!” A quick, effective response is achieved by the narrow tip rails.

“The DV is very reed friendly compared to my previous setup, they seem to last longer. I put this down to the precision design on the table, rails and tip. I’m also pleased I didn’t need to change my reed type in order to get my sound either.”

The Innovative Jody Jazz ‘Secondary Window’

As a metal mouthpiece, the DV delivers the expected power and projection, but as our sax specialist said it has a warmth and depth to the tone you would often attribute to ebonite pieces – none of the overly bright shrillness often associated with metal mouthpieces. This is thanks to the patented ‘secondary window’ design, the extended cut-out into the table of the mouthpiece. Effectively opening the chamber up even more, and allowing for the reed to vibrate freely, the ‘secondary window’ ensures warmth, projection and control. It also facilitates a boost to the bottom register, as our specialist noted earlier, which is often missing from many bright modern mouthpieces. Jody Espina calls this feature “a shot of Dexter Gordon”!

If you need power and projection without sacrificing warmth and depth, the DV is the perfect mouthpiece for you. A truly flexible and versatile piece, it really shines in jazz, funk, soul, rock, and other contemporary styles. As our specialist says, “you really get your money’s worth when you push it”. All of the Jody Jazz mouthpieces are hand finished and play tested against their “benchmark” piece – the best of the lot – so you know each one is the best it can be.

You can find the DV, alongside other mouthpieces in the Jody Jazz range, here on our website.