NEW STOCK: Music Medic Tan Saxophone Pads

15th March 2024

We’re delighted to add some more Saxophone Pad options to our stock. The Music Medic Tan Saxophone pads are a high-quality option for any repairer/player seeking new pads. We’re stocking various models which are explained in the video & information below…

We’re now stocking four variants of the Music Medic Tan Saxophone pads including two metal resonator variations, a plastic resonator and the rivet only smaller pads. All the Music Medic pads are hand assembled and feature firm woven felt and deluxe quality calf leather. Check out the range below:

Plastic Resonator – Domed

The classic plastic resonator design is still used and chosen by manufacturers worldwide. They provide a high-quality yet affordable choice for all Saxophone types. The domed, one-piece moulded plastic resonator offers durable performance and is arguably slightly darker sounding than metal resonators.

  • Standard thickness of 4.1mm-4.2mm
  • Plastic domed resonator with rivet
  • SKU: GMMSP (more info)
Music Medic Domed Plastic Resonator Sax Pads

Metal Resonator – Domed

The metal resonator models are available in two designs. This is the domed resonator version with rivet. These domed metal models are becoming increasingly common on certain new Saxophones. Players often choose them due to the enhanced brightness and resonance they can offer.

  • Standard thickness of 4.1mm-4.2mm
  • Metal domed resonator with rivet
  • SKU: GMMSD (more info)
Music Medic Domed Metal Resonator Sax Pads

Metal Resonator – Flat

These are the flat metal resonator models with rivet. Another high-quality option, the flat resonator is sometimes useful on vintage instruments or saxophones that have a lower venting set-up. You still retain the vibrancy of the metal resonator but with the lowest profile.

  • Standard thickness of 4.1mm-4.2mm
  • Metal flat resonator with rivet
  • SKU: GMMSM (more info)

Rivet Only – Smaller Sizes

Designed specifically for the smaller key sizes, these rivet only pads offer the same high-quality durable design. We keep a range of sizes from 16mm-22mm. Each uses deluxe quality calf leather and firm woven felt.

  • Standard thickness of 4.1mm-4.2mm
  • Rivet only – no resonator
  • SKU: GMMSR (more info)