NEW! Ultimax Lubrication Range for Wind Instruments

17th April 2020

We’re delighted to be selling the Ultimax Lubrication range, developed by A complete system of synthetic lubricants designed to work together. Ultimax lubricants are safe for use on all woodwinds because they will not react negatively with each other, or any other part of your instrument. 

  • Ultimax will not break down or evaporate
  • Ultimax clings to metal surfaces
  • Ultimax is safe for use with all adhesives
  • Ultimax is safe for use around hard rubber 
  • Ultimax retains its viscosity from -80 deg to +300deg 
  • Large re-fill bottles mean you can reduce your plastic use vs small single bottles

Different Viscosity Options:

High Viscosity: Large instruments that have a lot of key play will appreciate Ultimax High Viscosity Key Oil. Ultimax High Viscosity Key Oil clings to the metal, quieting the action while greatly increasing the life of the key work. We love it on all woodwinds but especially larger instruments such as Saxophone, Bass Clarinet and Bassoon.

Medium Viscosity: Perfect for medium-sized instruments such as alto saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe or any instrument with play in the key mechanism. A bit thicker than other standard key oils. The Ultimax Medium Viscosity Key Oil is a great all-round option to have on your workbench or in your instrument case.

Low Viscosity: This thin, lightweight oil is perfect for small instruments such as flutes, piccolos, oboes and soprano saxophones. Ultimax Low Viscosity Key Oil will quieten key work on smaller instruments and prevent corrosion. Also, a great oil for spring runners on any woodwind instrument. 

The lubrication is also available in large 8 oz re-fill bottles for High Viscosity, Medium Viscosity and Low Viscosity.

Pivot & Roller Lubricant:

Noisy rollers and clicking pivot screws are a thing of the past. Ultimax Pivot and Roller Lubricant is an amazingly sticky thick oil that grabs both surfaces and traps in air bubbles, creating a thick, air-packed liquid bearing surface that takes up space in key mechanisms. 

This liquid bearing surface allows keys to move freely without noise even when there is excessive play in the mechanism. There is nothing better for silencing rollers and key pivots. The plastic tip syringe allows for application in tight spots such as hinge tubes and posts. 

The Ultimax lubricating system takes the guess work out of lubricating woodwind instruments. A complete system of synthetic lubricants designed to work together.