NEW – Yamaha YTR-5335G Trumpets…

22nd January 2011

It’s new product time again, and this time it’s the Yamaha YTR-5335G Trumpets, available in Lacquer and Silver Plate. Complementing Yamahas range from 1335 all the way up to 9335 the only real gap in the range was between the YTR4335 and YTR6335…thus the new model.

So, what’s new and improved: The YTR-5335G features a hand finished two piece bell, this upgrades from the YTR-4335 which has a machine made bell. The hand finishing involves the manipulation and working of the brass to ensure it resonates as well as possible, these little tweaks take time and involve skill and thus bring the quality and price up. The lead-pipe and bell are also Gold Brass, which is longer wearing than standard yellow brass and also makes for a soft but rich tone with more tonal nuances. It is also made in Japan, and not subsidiary Yamaha factories like the 4335.

Yamaha 5335 Trumpet

The main skeleton or body of the YTR-5335G is based around the first professional Yamaha model, the YTR-6335, but it is significantly cheaper (around £400-£500). I remember 20 years ago when the 6335 was the top model Yamaha offered in the UK and competed well with the Bach Strads of the time. Since then Yamaha have extended the range upwards to include the 8335 Xeno and now various artist models including the Eric Miyashiro and Wayne Bergeron models. I believe this is due to the acceptance of the brand as a top quality Trumpet maker. The US market has certainly grown over the years as the old guard of Bach, King, Conn etc feel the heat from an ever creative and enthusiastic Yamaha development team.

So, will the new 5335G find a place in the market? I think Yes, the price range is not out of reach for most up-graders who may have already looked at a YTR-4335. That said YTR-4335 sales have always been strong and it’s a reliable instrument, so lets see if the spec improvements make the 5335G worth the extra, on paper it shapes us well…

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