Reed Dr – Event (Sat 13th May, 2017)

17th May 2017

We were delighted to welcome Anthony Pike to the shop on Saturday to host our ‘Reed Dr’ event. Anthony is a long established professional player who has taken a hands on approach to adjusting and maximising each reed he uses. We held two sessions due to the demand and both were informative and engaging for all involved.

We had a mix of players and experience with one or two youngsters all the way up to very experienced professional jazz saxophonists. It was great to get ‘hands on’ in these sessions and hopefully everyone took away a good number of practical tips so they can feel more confident adjusting their own reeds. Anthony discussed the design structure of reeds and also highlighted the fact that in the early stages logical experimentation is required but certain rules generally apply.

It was fantastic to see some attendees have that “eureka” moment as they made small adjustments and play tested it to find it had improved their sound!

Thanks once again to Anthony for coming along and of course all the attendees for signing up.

Useful Gear

Reeds Reeds Reeds Book (£4.95) – A very useful and neat little book outlining some practical ways to modifying and adjusting your own reeds

Reed Rush (£6.30) – This can be used to carefully adjust the reed surface

Vandoren Reed Resurfacing Kit (£60.20) – The reed resurfacer features a washable tempered glass and etched surface that is nearly impossible to wear out. Designed to help players precisely customise and personalise their reeds.

Vandoren Reed Adjusting Stick (£23.85) – The stick is one part of the full kit above, can be used separately with an alternative flat surface

Reed Cutter (£40.75) – The Cordier reed cutter allows for precise trimming of the reed tip