REPAIR CAM – Trombone Slide Leg Replacement

4th August 2018

A local band recently brought this Trombone in for assessment and repair. Unfortunately they had got a large cleaning cloth stuck down the inside of one of the inner legs. In the process of trying to remove it the slide had become buckled and damaged. The slide damage, coupled with the extremely stuck cloth meant that there was only one remaining solution. We had to order in a replacement inner slide leg and remove the old one.

Abi from our Workshop walks through the issue and solutions in this latest video from our REPAIR CAM.

See more REPAIR CAM videos on our YouTube Channel  & Check out our Brass Repairs Department if you need any help with your instrument.

Trombone Care Equipment

If you do want to clean out your Trombone slide safely (which is a good thing!) we’d suggest using one of the following items:

Yamaha Flexi Slide Cleaner: This flexible vinyl covered cleaner is long enough to fit through your Trombone slide legs. It is easy to pull through and back out safely. It has a tapered brush which is ideal for drying and cleaning the inside of your slide and therefore won’t get stuck!

Alternatively you can use the classic metal Trombone Cleaning Rod with a cut piece of material on the end. Just be sure not to use something too thick or large. Abi mentions in the video using a piece of cloth 10cm sq or less. It is important to regularly clean the inner tubes of your slide so we would encourage it on a weekly basis to avoid a build up of gunk!