Repair Materials Spotlight: Premium Deluxe Sax Pads – Plastic Resonator

15th March 2022

With a few new Saxophone pads available this year, we’d like to properly introduce you to one of the newest members of the pad family, the GSX Premium Deluxe Pad with Plastic Resonator…

GSX Saxophone Pads

Why we’ve introduced the GSX range

For years our most popular Saxophone pad has been the GSD range. The GSD is a high-end deluxe and water-resistant pad with a firm felt and a domed metal resonator. We’re now happy to also stock GSX, which carries the same specs as our GSD but features a sleek, solid plastic resonator.

Many Saxophone models feature a high end plastic resonator these days and so, to offer the deserved aftercare and support for those reputable makes, we found we were missing a plastic resonator pad that can compete with the quality of the high end GSD. 

Deluxe Saxophone Pads

Now we’re happy to offer the GSX, our Premium Deluxe Saxophone Pad with a plastic resonator. This is the same resonator found on our GSP pads, but with the inner workings of our GSD; offering the best of both worlds.

Why Plastic Resonators?

There are two main reasons…Firstly, many top-end Saxophones now feature plastic resonators with deluxe pads and when replacing single pads it’s great to keep continuity. Secondly, some players who are looking at a full re-pad want the pad quality of the deluxe range (GSD type) but prefer the plastic resonators as they are slightly less bright tonally than the metal resonators.

What’s it made of?

It features our highest quality woven felt making them slightly firmer than our standard pads. Plus, an internal moisture barrier to prevent moisture from affecting the felt, thus making them more long-lasting. The leather is a durable tan leather, treated to further resist moisture and wear. 

Inside the GSX Deluxe Sax Pads

For sizes smaller than 18 mm we recommend ordering our GSD, as they will automatically have no resonator and available in sizes down to 7mm.

With this new addition, along with our new fully Vegan V-Pads and MusicMedic’s Roo-Pads range, we hope to always have the right pad for the job. Whether you are looking for high spec for Vintage re-pads, or just the odd new pad on a student instrument or anything in between – we’ve got what you need. Shop our range of Saxophone Pads here.