Sax Mouthpieces – How Dawkes can help…

8th October 2014

Whether you are a beginner, advanced amateur or a professional the choice of mouthpiece can make a huge difference.

Beginner Players

When you’re starting out the Sax mouthpiece you choose needs to be (a) easy to play (b) well made (c) help you make a decent tone. We see many poor quality mouthpieces on beginner Saxes and more often than not the player is struggling away trying to play something that really isn’t doing them any favours. Sadly the cheaper quality instruments often come with these inferior mouthpieces and players struggle accordingly. It needn’t be this way, with the right help and guidance we can get student players enjoying their Sax more with the correct mouthpiece choice.

Intermediate/Upgrade Players

We also help many ‘upgrading’ players who are coming from their old student set-ip, usually these players want to go for an ebonite (and sometimes metal) Sax mouthpiece that will give them a boost in tonal quality, volume and responsiveness. There are many aspects to mouthpiece design and each element (the facing, the chamber, the rails, the tip, the baffle etc) can add up to make something better or worse for the individual, this is often relevant to the genre of music in which you are generally trying to express yourself.

Professional Players

We offer an unrivalled range of mouthpieces from many great brands including; Otto Link, Meyer, Vandoren, Yanagisawa, Aizen, Rafael Navarro, Aaron Drake, Claude Lakey, Morgan Fry, Peter Ponzol, Yamaha and more….Importantly we have the staff on hand to help you try this range, keep you up to date and let you explore the range to see if something new can help. Our 14 day trial period also allows you to take the mouthpiece out on a gig and really make sure it’s right for you.

All Players

We offer a hassle-free 14 day home trial period and if you call/email or better still visit the shop we’ve got Woodwind experts on hand to help you choose the right mouthpiece for you. We have ample testing rooms on site so you can try in comfort, in a relaxed and un-judged atmosphere. We want you to enjoy the experience of choosing something that will help you go forward, it’s not a test! Visit Dawkes (Map)

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