Ton Kooiman Clarinet Thumbrest

7th April 2010

A lot of people have difficulty holding their Clarinet.  After playing a while, it can cause discomfort to the thumb.

The Ton Kooiman thumb-rest solves this problem by adding support to the phalanx area of the thumb.
They make two Clarinet Thumbrests, the Etude and the Maestro.

Ton Kooiman Etude Thumbrest

Ton Kooiman Etude Thumbrest

Ton Kooiman Maestro ThumbrestBoth have a plate, which fixes permanently to the back of the Clarinet where the old thumbrest would have been.

Fitting is a 30-minute process, best done by a qualified Repair Technician.
Sometimes it is necessary to make an additional screw fixing hole to securely anchor the plate to the Clarinet.
Sounds worse that it is!
We’ve been fitting these Clarinet Thumbrests for years now and routinely fill any old screw holes in case you want to revert back to tour old thumbrest.

People find that the unit is very supportive, but takes a little getting used to.