Trumpet Re-Lacquering in the Dawkes Music Workshop

22nd December 2015

This Bach Stradivarius Trumpet has had a new leadpipe fitted as the red rot on the underside rendered it un-preppable for relacquer.


If metal is too rotten, it will not be able to withstand the invasive filing, sanding and pressure of the re-surfacing work. During the preparation of the surface, all dents and scratches have to be removed and the metal is filed and polished to a mirror finish. This is the most important stage as any remaining imperfections will show up tenfold under new lacquer.

Once everything is prepped, we send the instrument and any required parts to the lacquering company to provide the new finish. This customer had requested a ‘copper tint’ to the lacquer, which was something new to us. The lacquerers were up for the challenge and had the colour mixed up especially for this job. And what a colour! It truly has transformed the instrument. The customer chose to have all the nickel trim coated in a clear lacquer, so as to contrast with the copper. The instrument has a new lease of life and will be turning heads for years to come!



What we used:

Swiss Pattern Needle Files

Emery Sheet – 400 Grit

Knuckle Dent Rods

Dent Balls

Dent Hammer