UniGloves Select Black Latex Gloves – Box of 100

30th January 2023

UniGloves Select Black latex gloves have been a workshop staple for many years here at Dawkes. Now we’re happy to say we stock them so you can buy them easily from us for your workshop. 

Why Use Gloves?

The instrument repair trade often uses chemicals and polishes that can dry out your skin. Getting your hands dirty and washing them over and over again means dry and brittle skin that is more susceptible to breaking or splitting, particularly in the winter months. Many technicians therefore work with gloves when doing certain tasks, be that polishing, sanding or cleaning.

These black, tight-fitting latex gloves come in sizes x-small, small, medium and large so you can find the closest fit to your hands. The thin material has excellent grip surfaces, which means you lose minimal dexterity and sensitivity while wearing them. Although the exterior is grippy, the interior is completely smooth, making them perfect to slip on for the quick job you don’t want to get your hands dirty for.

Box of 100 Black Gloves

Benefits of UniGloves

They are both thin enough to feel like a second skin on your hands, while also being durable and tear resistant. Originally designed for use in the body modification and tattoo industry, these gloves are powder free, stretchy, and offer a professional and sleek profile. 

The gloves are perfect for jobs where you’d usually get your hands dirty or would expose your skin to chemicals. There’s no feeling quite like polishing up an item without the polishing compound, metal dust or other debris covering your hands afterwards. Likewise, washing instruments, using acid de-scalers, stripping lacquers, or simply handling raw brass instruments can be done without worry in a pair of these UniGloves.

These gloves are made from latex for the durability the material offers, and are therefore not suitable for use if you have a latex allergy. If you are looking for latex free gloves, please get in touch and we can find the best solution for your needs. 

Black Gloves for Musical Instrument Repair