Wayne Bergeron Trumpet: Video Interview 1/5

20th June 2019

In the first of a 5 part series recorded by the team at ChopSaver products, Dan Gosling (the inventor of ChopSaver) sits down with Wayne Bergeron and discusses what happened behind the scenes with the famous LA LA Land solo, his hilarious first gigs when he was a teenager, and how to network with other players.

Big thanks to the guys at ChopSaver for sitting down with Wayne to get the insights on his career and history as one the worlds leading Trumpet players…

Who is Wayne Bergeron?

Wayne Bergeron is an American jazz trumpeter who was a member of Maynard Ferguson’s band in the 1980s. As a lead and studio player, he is notable for his ability in the upper register of the instrument, as in his screaming trumpet work in the soundtrack for the 2004 Disney/Pixar animated movie The Incredibles as well as multiple albums with Gordon Goodwin’s Big Phat Band.

Wayne is also a Yamaha performing artist who plays on the YTR-8335LA Xeno Custom model which he designed in conjunction with Yamaha USA.

What is ChopSaver?

Invented by a professional trumpet player, ChopSaver is the all-natural, herbal lip balm formulated specifically for brass or woodwind musicians to relieve symptoms caused by the wear and tear from mouthpiece pressure on their embouchures. ChopSaver relieves the painful symptoms of chapping, swelling, soreness, fatigue and inflammation of the lips caused by playing.

ChopSaver is available through the Dawkes online shop and in-store for just £3.95 per tube.