Yamaha Synthetic Sax Reeds – Any Good?

15th November 2022

At half the price of many of the alternatives we wanted to check out these new Yamaha synthetic Sax reeds and see who they were suitable for. Check out our video demo below and some important info about the strengths below…

Who Are They Suitable For?

These reeds are available to buy for Bb Clarinet, Alto Sax and Tenor Sax. The Yamaha synthetic reeds are aimed at new players and advancing students as opposed to professional players. If you’re a Teacher these would be great for new beginners and/or as a spare reed that you know will just ‘work’.

The emphasis is on ease of play and consistency to help players focus on their development. Natural cane reeds can vary which often makes players struggle with softer or harder variants. These Yamaha synthetic sax reeds are made of a textured new fibrous material that Yamaha decided on after years of testing.

A Word About Strengths

These reeds are produced in strengths #2.5, #3 and #3.5. So, why the harder numbers if they’re aimed at beginners? Well, two things to note:

  1. In most countries outside the UK many students are started as a minimum on strength #2 or #2.5 reeds, not on #1.5 as they often are here. If the mouthpiece tip opening is very close most new beginners can handle a #2 or #2.5 depending on brand strength.
  2. These Yamaha reeds do come up quite soft compared to other brand numberings. i.e The Yamaha #2.5 feels more like a #2 in most models.
Yamaha synthetic sax reeds

How Long Will They Last?

These Yamaha synthetic sax reeds emphasise easy playability and a high quality tone production. They have been tested for a full 320 hours of playing time without displaying any changes in stiffness or shape. Based on 50 mins practice per day these reeds could last up to 1 year! 

  • Material: A new formulation based on fibrous material. Similar tone to natural reeds
  • Texture: Simulated reed texture, designed to look and feel very close to a natural cane reed
  • Shape: Original ‘cut’ with a central rib and lighter sides. Designed for easy projection and immediate flexibility 
  • Heat Treatment: These reeds are given a heat treatment during the production process. This ensures the shape stays true for many months and it helps develop a full, rich tone
  • Engraved: Each reed is laser-engraved with its strength