…and finally ‘Lotus Blossom’

19th April 2018

I travelled with a young saxophonist who had never seen the great man before. The journey was uneventful and we arrived on time at Preston railway station. Then we made our way to Preston’s Guild Hall for the second concert of the evening. In a foyer we came across a large crowd of people facing closed doors that led into the auditorium. The doors were manned by a number of ushers and security staff. Word quickly spread that the start of the first of the evening’s concerts had been delayed and that the first concert would end in about thirty or forty minutes. As a result, the second house would be starting late. The ushers and security staff, more than willing to try to explain what had caused the delay, went through the foyer chatting to groups and answering our questions.


Start Spring Afresh with some Inspiring Local Music

12th April 2018

The Easter break may be drawing to a close – but that doesn’t stop the musical fun from happening! Are you still looking for something to interest the whole family these holidays? Look no further afield as this weekend; there is something happening on your doorstep at Norden Farm.