One Ligature to rule them all? BG Duo Ligatures

3rd April 2023

We’ve been really impressed with a particular range of BG ligatures that could well be the solution for many Sax & Clarinet players. Introducing the BG Duo ligature, one ligature that can fit not just one of your mouthpieces, but two!

BG Duo – Fits Standard Alto Sax & Clarinet Mouthpieces

Why are they different?

The BG Duo Ligature range is designed to work on not just one mouthpiece, but two. So, in the image above (and in the video below) we feature the LD models which are suitable for standard Alto Sax mouthpieces (i.e not metal) and also standard Bb Clarinet mouthpieces. This means you could have just one ligature for both. Or you could simply use it on one mouthpiece because you love how it works and how it plays!

How do they play?

We’ve been very impressed with the usability and playability. The BG Duo ligatures feel lightweight enough to not feel bulky, but strong enough to feel very secure. The long screw helps apply an even pressure across the reed surface. You can happily turn and adjust the mouthpiece with the ligature in place without it falling off, unlike some very expensive options out there!

Simon Bates demonstrating the BG Duo LD Ligatures

What finishes are available & why?

These LD Duo ligatures for Alto Sax & Clarinet are available in: Gold Plate, Silver Plate, Gold Lacquer, Rose Gold and now Black. They vary in price accordingly, follow the links above for current pricing.

BG Duo Ligatures

Some players feel a small difference in the material finishes, some feel a huge difference! We tend to say if you can’t feel any difference in the finishes then choose which best suits your aesthetic set-up. You can get the thoughts of Simon Bates and the designer Franck Bichon in the video above. Simon has used these Duo ligatures extensively for the last couple of years and loves them.

What sizes of BG Duo Ligatures are available?

The Duo models are available for Alto Sax/Clarinet (LD Model). They are also available for Soprano Sax & Metal Sax Mouthpiece (LDS model). Finally there is also an LDT model which is for Tenor ebonite mouthpieces only.

The LDS is a neat model because it fits standard ebonite/plastic Soprano mouthpieces AND many thin metal Tenor mouthpieces. See it in use on the Guardala in the video review below:

Duo LDS Model for Soprano & Metal Tenor

How do I get a BG Duo Ligature?

If you have any queries with sizing up a ligature for your mouthpiece, do get in touch and we will do our best to help. Don’t forget all accessories are available on 14 day trial so why not try one out at home, have a blow and make sure you’re happy with the sound and fit.

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