How to Choose a Jody Jazz Tenor Sax Mouthpiece

30th October 2018

You’ve heard your bandmates raving about their Jody Jazz mouthpieces – they all have their opinion, but how can you tell which one is best for you? This handy little guide will point you towards a new mouthpiece in the Jody Jazz range. We’ll look at what suits a wide range of needs and playing styles.

For that classic sound …

… then you’ll want to try the Jody Jazz HR*. The ‘go-to’ jazz mouthpiece and Jody Jazz’s best-seller. The HR* has a medium sized, rounded chamber, allowing for a vintage sound. The hard rubber gives the mouthpiece a consistent sound, easy to blend within a saxophone section or with other instruments. Favoured by players of all abilities, the HR* has a sweet tone well suited to straight ahead jazz. Check out this video demo by Jody Espina – the President of Jody Jazz Mouthpieces.

For powerful projection …

… have a go on the JET. With all the qualities of the HR*, the Jody Jazz JET is at home in the limelight. With a smaller horseshoe shaped chamber, the JET provides the player with a clean, bright sound – imagine the sounds of Michael Brecker or Kenny G. The shorter facing curve lets you take your playing to the extreme, enabling a free-blowing, clear altissimo. Whilst this is ideal for pop and funk, you can also easily take things down to a sweeter, more mellow tone. Take a look at this quick video demo by Jody Espina – President of Jody Jazz Mouthpieces.

For effortless power and beauty …

… the Jody Jazz DV is for you. Providing both complexity and efficiency, this is perfect for professionals and serious amateurs. The patented ‘Secondary Window’ design – a cut-out in the table of the mouthpiece, extending further than usual – allows for a fat sound not usually associated with metal mouthpieces. The Jody Jazz DV is a true powerhouse. Its free-blowing nature allowing it to be pushed to brighter sounds without the shrillness some metal tenor mouthpieces are known for. Hand-finished in 24 karat gold plated brass, the Jody Jazz DV is ideal for anyone looking for projection and power. All without sacrificing a warm, dark tone.

For everything in between …

… the Jody Jazz GIANT can give you all you expect, and more. With the shape of a classic hard rubber mouthpiece, and a large chamber, this mouthpiece has a dark, complex sound. But, made of Aerospace grade anodised aluminium, the Jody Jazz GIANT also brings the brightness and projection of a metal mouthpiece. With a familiar feel and complex range of possibilities, the GIANT is a versatile mouthpiece. The Jody Jazz GIANT is at home playing loud and proud in a big band, and fronting pop and funk groups, or in more classic settings like quartets and concert bands. This video demo by Jody Espina shows off the qualities of the Giant Tenor Mouthpiece.

Tenor Sax Mouthpiece by Jody Jazz

In Summary

Free-blowing and reliable, the Jody Jazz line provides saxophonists of all styles – from classic jazz to funk and rock – with a great selection of mouthpieces. And although each one may excel for different reasons, Jody Jazz helps the modern saxophonist perfect a versatile, unique sound.

We offer a full range of Tenor Sax mouthpieces through our online store and also offer all models on 14 day approval so you can try at home, on a gig or wherever you want to.