NEW! Wera Screwdrivers for Repair Techs

9th August 2021

In the large arsenal of useful tools that technicians have, none are quite as important as the humble Screwdriver. When approaching almost any repair on Brass or Woodwind Instruments, repairers will use a multitude of various shapes, sizes, and lengths of Screwdrivers which is why it’s important that these valuable tools are of a good enough quality that they can be used time and time again with a constant and reliable result. 

Dawkes Music is pleased to now stock a Screwdriver brand which has been a favourite of some of our repairers for a while now: Wera Screwdrivers. In this short blog we take a quick look at what we stock and why…

Our Stock Choices

We are stocking many individual sizes which we have chosen specifically for certain Instruments or ones which are just all round useful for general Wind & Brass repairs. 

We stock flat head sizes from 1.2mm across which is small enough for those tiny regulation screws on Pearl Flutes or Yamaha Bass Clarinets, up to 3mm across which is perfect for most Saxophone pivot screws. 

We stock 2 Phillips sizes, PH1 and PH0. The former is a great fit for many Saxophone guard screws and the latter is perfect for Pearl Flute pad washer retaining screws, Backun Clarinet pillar screws, and Yanagisawa flat spring screws. Shop the whole Wera Screwdriver range here.

Flat Head (Top) and Phillips Head (Bottom)

The 2 Hex sizes we have chosen are 0.9 with 40mm blade and the 1.5 with 60mm blade. Eastman Saxophones use 1.5 Hex grub screws as regulation screws, and once again Pearl Flutes have pinless grub screws which accept the 0.9 Hex driver. We’re also stocking one of the Torx head models (TX6) which is used on selected brass instruments.

Obviously, all of these sizes have alternative uses, these are just the ones that we see most in our workshop. 

Hex Head (Top) and Torx Head (Bottom)

Combo’s + Kits

You can buy these in any combination along with a useful desk stand which holds up to 6 Screwdrivers which can also be mounted on the wall. We are also stocking a set roll of 12 Screwdrivers which includes most of what has been mentioned above except the smallest flat head or the PH1 Screwdrivers. It does however come with a few extras which we have decided to not stock individually for the time being and we would recommend it as the ‘full’ kit for any busy wind & brass repair workshop.

Set of 12 Screwdrivers in Tool Roll (GVL202)

Alternatively, we have also put together a little starting bench kit of six screwdrivers that covers most everyday repairs. It is a great starting point and comes with a stand, ready for your desk or tool board.  

The smaller 6 piece ‘bench kit’ includes:

1 x Flat Head 0.20 x 1.2 x 40mm 
1 x Flat Head 0.3 x 1.80 x 60mm 
1 x Flat Head 0.4 x 2 x 100mm 
1 x Flat Head 0.5 x 3 x 80mm 
1 x Phillips PH0 x 60mm 
1 x Phillips PH1 x 80mm 
1 x Desk Stand / Rack 

Magnetic Option

Screwdrivers always seem to be magnetic when we don’t want them to be, or not when you are desperately trying to pick up that tiny regulation screw. But not anymore! With the Wera Screwdriver magnetiser/demagnetiser you can actively change the magnetism of your Screwdriver. Simply rub the tip on either the top or the swipe it on the side to alter the attractiveness of any ferrous Screwdriver. 

Magnetise and De-Magnetise Tool

We love this range from Wera and they’ve become firm day-to-day favourites here in our Workshop. If you have any questions about the range or what might suit you best, please do get in touch and one of the Tech team will be happy to help.