NEW STOCK: Open Hole Flute Pads

19th March 2024

We’re delighted to now offer a full range of open hole flute pads to our customers. This means no more punching holes into standard pads, you can simply buy the size and pad type you need in the open hole configuration. Check out the video and text below which explains the different models we are stocking in 17mm-18.5mm sizes.

GFYO – Standard Yellow Skin Flute Pad

These are the standard yellow skin open hole flute pads. They feature a standard yellow skin with woven felt and card backing. These pads are slightly more affordable, a little thicker, and a little softer than our GFYDO deluxe pads.

  • Yellow bladder skin
  • Regular woven felt with card backing
  • 3mm thickness | 9mm hole (SKU: GFYO)

GFYDO – Deluxe Double Yellow Skin Flute Pad

These are the deluxe quality open hole flute pads. They differ from the standard models due to their deluxe woven felt which makes the pad feel firmer and more positive under the fingers. These are often found on more expensive instruments. They are also .5mm thinner than our standard GFYO pads.

  • Double layer yellow bladder skin
  • Deluxe woven felt with a card backing
  • 2.5mm thickness | 9mm hole (SKU: GFYD)

GFYTO: Thin Yellow Skin Flute Pad

These ultra-thin open hole flute pads are used on instruments where the player needs/prefers a lower venting key height for certain notes. The thinner pad allows enough air to clear the gap and still speak cleanly. These pads are 0.5mm thinner than our standard options.

  • Yellow bladder skin
  • Ultra-thin design for low profile
  • 2mm thickness (SKU: GFYTO)

GFYSO: ‘Red Sound’ Yellow Skin

The Pisoni ‘Red Sound’ model flute pads have a ‘lemon’ yellow double bladder and feature a special pressed felt with a synthetic medium-soft backing. These pads are an extremely high quality and extra-durable so are often favoured for professional level instruments.

  • ‘Lemon’ yellow bladder skin
  • Special pressed felt with synthetic med-soft backing
  • 2.2mm thickness | 9.3mm hole (SKU: GFYSO)

GFWO – Standard Transparent Skin Flute Pad:

These ‘White’ open hole flute pads actually seem so simply because of the transparent double bladder layer over regular white felt underneath. There are certain players who prefer the look of white pads, these also offer a slightly softer and thicker feel to our other choices which may be more suitable in certain scenarios.

  • Transparent bladder skin
  • Regular white woven felt with card backing
  • 3mm thickness | 9mm hole (SKU: GFWO)