REPAIR CAM: Axial Flow Valve Disassembly – Bass Trombone

17th April 2019

Join Abi in our workshop as she takes apart an Axial Flow valve system on a Bass Trombone. These Axial Flow valves are different to the standard rotor valve system. Abi discusses some of these differences, and also the modularity of this particular model.

Axial Flow Models

As you can see there are benefits to this modular system. However, this type of system is not common on most instruments. We do stock the Getzen Custom Bass Trombones which do feature the Axial Flow valve. This is a more affordable way to benefit from these valves without going the full stretch to the fully modular Edwards range.

Trombone Rotor Maintenance

In general we would recommend regular servicing of any rotor valve. If you’re using a standard rotor you can use specific rotor oil and linkage oil on any of the attaching arms.

If you’d like to get rid of some of the gunk inside you slides, we’d recommend the vinyl covered flexible brush Abi used. In general, it’s good to flush out your instrument every few months.