The Getzen 4147IB Trombone with Ian Bousfield

6th April 2023

In this blog with accompanying video we learn more about the latest version of the Getzen 4147IB Trombone. We’ve been selling the 4147IB for a number of years, but the development between Ian Bousfield and Cristian Griego has been ongoing throughout the models lifetime. This has resulted in the latest phase being released on 2023 models.

The Getzen 4147IB Trombone Story

Since its introduction in 2013, the 4147IB Custom Reserve produced by Getzen USA has been an industry leader thanks to its innovative design and exceptional playability. Now, nearly a decade later, Getzen have enhanced the 4147IB to an even higher level.

The list of improvements and enhancements to the new 4147IB include:

  • Newly Developed, Enhanced Handslide Construction Techniques
  • A New Single Radius, Rose Brass Sheet Tuning Slide Bow
  • A Specially Weighted & Tempered, Dome Bronze Rotor Insert
  • An Interchangeable, Yellow Brass Leadpipe (exclusive to the 4147IB)
  • New Custom Reserve “Elk Head” Bell Engraving

These recent 2023 design improvements complement the 4147IB’s already impressive features:

Getzen Harmonic Pillar System

The 4147IB features a unique version of the patented Harmonic Pillar System based on a design originally developed for the Edwards T396-AR trombone. The 4147IB comes standard with two different Harmonic Pillars. One pillar is “soft” (copper) and one is “hard” (nickel). You can modify the tone and feel of your trombone by selecting the pillar (soft or hard), the direction of threading (front or back), the depth of threading, or no pillar at all. We’ve found players notice quite a dramatic influence on the overall feel, response, and resonance of the trombone.

Getzen 4147IB Trombone

Handslide Cross Brass

From the beginning, the 4147IB featured a new concept and approach to the outer handslide cross brace. The entire brace design was examined with slide performance and player comfort in mind. Every aspect of the brace from the material, dimensions, weight, and location was fine tuned to match the overall 4147IB design perfectly. Perhaps the first thing you will notice is the more comfortable feel of the larger diameter brace. While playing, discerning trombonists will realise that the weight, alloy, and location combine to add balance to the handslide. Improving everything from slide action/responsiveness to the intimate feel of the trombone.

Noninvasive, Performance Bracing

The 4147IB utilises several sophisticated bracing concepts within the bell section. Most noticeable is the Getzen “DS” double edge brace system. This system eliminates the tension inherent within most traditional bracing setups. In addition to the “DS” bracing, the 4147IB features the Asymmetrical Bracing first developed for the 4047DS. Asymmetrical Bracing incorporates both nickel silver and yellow brass alloys to create a more resonant, less restrictive bracing. Together, the bracing systems of the 4147IB combine to free both the F attachment and bell from the diminished resonance and responsiveness typical of most traditional, invasive trombone bracing systems.

Exclusive Case

Custom Reserve tenor trombones come standard in a Getzen exclusive fiberglass, vegan leather case. The case features adjustable interior padding, removable shoulder, and backpack straps, and a zippered exterior pocket sized for tablet storage. The case is highlighted by the premium, vegan leather exterior wrap. The high-grade material gives the luxurious look and feel of genuine distressed leather with the added benefit of abrasion, water, dirt, oil, and ultraviolet resistance. The fiberglass construction of this case provides much more protection than a typical gig bag while being much smaller and lighter than a traditional wood shell case.

How To Buy

We stock the Getzen 4147IB Trombone here at Dawkes Music. You can come to our UK store and play-test the instrument. Why not pre-book a testing room so we can have it all prepared for you. If you’re not local to our store we offer a 14 day home trial option for mail order purchases.