Top 5 Clarinet Ligatures: Rovner Fabric Style

12th October 2019

In this blog & video we check out the ever popular Rovner range of Clarinet ligatures. The vast majority of the Rovner range is made of a fabric material and these models have been the no.1 choice of many players for decades. Check out the video below demonstrating and discussing these models, and for more info we have a full model breakdown below…

Hopefully the video gives you a good run-down of the main models and how they differ. All of these Rovner ligatures come complete with a cap and the strong, simple screw mechanism. Let’s look at the range and how they vary in price…

Range of Rovner Clarinet Ligatures

Rovner Star Series – £20.85

The Rovner Star Series is an excellent budget choice for someone wanting to explore using a fabric style ligature. The material is lightweight and flexible and supports the reed evenly across the mouthpiece. We find this ligature does not ‘colour’ the sound too much and really just lets the reed do it’s job with freedom. A great place to start out.

Rovner Light L5 – £25.55

The Rovner Light model is one of the most popular ligatures we sell for Clarinet. It differs from the Dark model because of the cut-out in the fabric in the area that covers the base of the reed. The idea being that it allows for a different response and feel because of the lack of material.

Rovner Dark 1R – £25.55

The Rovner Dark model features a full surrounding wrap of the reed on the mouthpiece. Players find that this can offer a fuller and more centred sound generally. Potentially it offers a little more resistance which some players also enjoy.

Rovner MKIII – £29.60

The Rovner MKIII clarinet ligature has a different, more textured material to the Light and Dark series. It also features a double-wrapped design essentially meaning there is more material hugging the reed and mouthpiece, and thus we find it’s generally a ‘heavier’ or ‘darker’ sound.

Rovner Versa – £58.55

The Rovner Versa V1R is the premium end of the Rovner fabric range. It offers a fabric outer with an inner metal plate design. The metal plate allows the sound to resonate more freely perhaps with some projection. You can adjust the fabric flaps to sit across one side or both sides to adjust the lig to a particular reed.

We offer a wide range of Clarinet ligatures for sale from all the top brands including Rovner, BG, Vandoren, Silverstein, AK and Ishimori. Check out the full range and take advantage of our home-trial period where you can test them for 14 days.