Introducing… Dawkes Music Reed Selection Packs

29th August 2015


As fellow clarinettists, here at Dawkes we understand how important it is to find the right set-up.

Clarinetists often end up purchasing box after box of reeds that not only are the wrong strength, but also of the wrong style for their mouthpiece. These unsuccessful attempts result in wasting both time and money, along with causing unnecessary frustration for the player.

To combat these issues, we have designed a variety of reed selection packsspecifically tailored to suit your particular mouthpiece.

For only £15, you have the opportunity to try a selected assortment of reeds…and hopefully find your optimum set-up!

Available in French Cut (reeds with thin tips and thick hearts) and USA Cut (reeds with thick tips and thin hearts) based on your preference.

Find out which pack will suit your mouthpiece by clicking on the links below and using our mouthpiece guide and strength chart: 

French Cut