NEW! Yamaha Podcast Series…

31st August 2021

Yamaha have recently started releasing free podcasts with some of their performing artists. These audio interviews cover all aspects of Wind & Brass playing and some of the background stories of the players and their journey to being full-time professionals.

Louis Dowdeswell Trumpet

In this episode UK Trumpet player and big band leader Louis Dowdeswell discusses his musical education, learning from top pro’s such as Wayne Bergeron and forging his own career in the modern musical landscape.

Listen for free via the player below or download Yamaha Artist Insights via your favourite podcast app.

Louis has built a huge following online and is well known for his popular YouTube channel where he features popular covers with his big band. He is a busy session musician and is one of the new breed of top players who has carved out a career in the new landscape of multimedia channels.

Louis’ Gear Choices:

Louis plays on the Yamaha YTR-6335RC Bb Trumpet of which he says “Simply put, this is the easiest feeling trumpet I have ever played. It’s efficiency, great ergonomics, and brilliant design has opened up a whole new set of musical opportunities. Never before have I felt so in control of all aspects of my playing.” On Flugel Horn he plays the Yamaha YFH-6310Z.