Yamaha Flugel Horns – YFH8310Z & YFH8315G – New Model Info

19th May 2010

A tale of two Flugels: New in Summer 2010, at a music shop near you (well, at Dawkes anyway!!) Yamaha have been busy working on two new Flugel horns in their professional range. The YFH-8310Z and YFH-8315G each offer different options for all players.


Yamaha Neo Tenor Horn YAH-803S – New Product

15th May 2010

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIE2gIwgqro[/youtube]In a market place that has both a loyal and knowledgeable following any new Brass Band instruments are often poured over and scrutinized for any potential benefits. The new NEO range from Yamaha is launched with the arrival of the much anticipated YAH-803S Tenor Horn. Why Tenor Horn first? Well, you could argue the other manufacturers have somewhat overlooked this instrument and developments and releases haven’t been as common and talked about as Cornet or Euphonium for example. Also Yamaha had a partnership with Sheona White the great soloist and respected figure in the field, why not try and improve this often overlooked instrument.


Selmer MkVI Alto Repair – Emergency!

5th May 2010

It’s Wednesday morning, the phone rang and I happened to pick it up to hear a somewhat distressed sounding musician friend, either he’d just missed out on the gig of a lifetime that paid huge £ (do they still exist?!)…OR, and as it turns out this was it, he had knackered his very expensive Selmer Saxophone! After suffering a tumble over some PA equipment he dusted himself off and took one look at his Selmer MarkVI Alto and doubtless had ‘kittens’…see for yourself:


Bass Flute – Have a sit down!

1st May 2010

Well, we waited eagerly (at least the flute players here did!) for the arrival of our Jupiter Bass Flute – 1125ES…seen for the first time last year ‘stood up’ at a trade show.